Karen Wade - Principal
Our Vision
We believe schools must provide opportunities for the development of the skills and capacities young people need to lead creative, satisfying and productive lives.
Our key educational priorities are to ensure students have access to curriculum activities which broaden and deepen their experience and values personal effort and excellence.

The Bentleigh Secondary College vision is to develop students who:
+ Will be engaged in their learning and become lifelong learners who will develop resilience and optimism
+ Are independent learners, whose learning styles are extended by teachers who use a wide range of teaching strategies and learning technologies
+ Will utilise technology that will provide them with experiences that enable them to develop an international perspective

We want our students to acquire the values to become responsible global citizens.

Our Values
Bentleigh Secondary College demonstrates the following agreed set of values:
+ Excellence - being the best you can be
+ Responsibility - the right to learn
+ Respect - the right to be treated with respect
+ Inclusiveness - the right to feel safe

Our Goals
Bentleigh Secondary undertook the process of establishing a 4 year strategic plan in 2011 with the aim of improving the college.
The goals set for this period were;
+ To improve student learning outcomes from years 7-12 to reflect cohort abilities
+ To improve motivation and learning confidence.
+ To improve transitions into, through and from the college.
For further details on the school's improvement strategies, you can access the following documents
BSC 2012-2015 Strategic Plan
2012 Annual Implementation Plan