Visual Arts Exhibitions

Art Gallery 2016



I am excited to be relaunching the online gallery of student artwork in order to celebrate the artistic talents of students in the college community. The gallery also reflects the variety of materials, mediums, techniques and themes that are explored by students from Year 7 to 12 in areas such as Visual Arts, VCD and Studio Arts and VCD Units 1-4. This initiative also promotes the wonderful work of the Arts Domain staff who help nurture the talents of students.


The artwork chosen here are some of the highlights from 2016 but more images will be added as 2017 progresses. I look forward to hearing your feedback throughout the year.


Ms. Hansen,

Visual Arts, Bentleigh Secondary College.





Art is an essential part of general education. It helps students develop empathy via an understanding of other perspectives. It enables them to interpret the world around them and encourages conceptual thought.

Bentleigh Secondary College offers an exciting, and diverse art program that enables its students to develop their artistic skills in a creative and safe environment. Students are encouraged to explore extensive mediums, whilst developing skills and techniques that allow them to create a variety of contemporary artworks. They develop an appreciation of artworks by analyzing various art forms from the junior years onwards. This process allows students to acquire and improve their analytical and written skills as well as inspire their own art practice.


All students study Visual Art in Year 7 as part of the school’s core curriculum. In Years 8, 9 and 10 students are able to choose to study Art, Sculpture, Media, Photography and Visual Communication and Design as part of their elective program. The school offers VCE Studio Art, Media, and Visual Communication and Design for Years 11 and 12. Professional training is provided by experienced teachers in drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, media, digital imaging and design. The school offers an extensive Senior Visual Art program catering to the committed art student who is interested in studying a broad range of art subjects in VCE.


Bentleigh Secondary’s Art Department conducts an annual Year 7 excursion to the National Gallery of Victoria to participate in a valuable Art and Literacy program. VCE students visit Top Arts, Top Designs, and Top Screens exhibits as well as visiting current exhibitions throughout the year.

In collaboration with our local community our annual Art Exhibition is held at Kingston Art Centre