Biomechanics and Energy System program

On Thursday June 6, 2019 students who study VCE PE participated in a Biomechanics and Energy System program held at Monash University. The program started in the Biomechanics lab, where students were reminded why we study biomechanics, and different ways to analyse movements.

Seb Erharter and Rachel Heenan volunteered to participate in a movement analysis of a baseball pitch. Both students were filmed and as a class we were able to change specific areas of their baseball pitch for an improved technique. Students were able to see how quantitative analysis has huge benefit in improving an athlete’s technique, and the advanced software available to athletes to improve performance.


The second part of the program was practical, and specifically looked at energy systems. All students had an opportunity to participate in the following practicals:


-Reactive agility and fatigue test, where students had to continuously run and break different timing barriers for 3 minutes. It was a great test to see students moving through different energy systems and first-hand experience the fatigue occurring.

-Sprint recovery test, this test utilised timing gates and students ran 50 metres but with different recovery times (30 sec, 60 sec, 90 sec). Students were able to notice a difference in performance depending on their recovery.

-Vertical jump test looks at how high a student can jump, but incorporated biomechanics and the force required to increase momentum and therefore impulse.


The program was a great way for students to apply their learning and actively participate in tests we have only read about in our text books.


Miss Rosenbrock, Head of Sport