Bentleigh Buddies

Bentleigh Buddies Program

A buzzing community of learners! That’s one way to describe the takeaways of student leaders in Year 8 and Year 11 as they excitingly began Bentleigh Buddies this term; an initiative seeking to help build greater student voice, personal development and engagement. Two Wednesday meetings at the Mediation Centre has seen positive first little steps and we have been so proud of the commitment, kindness and welcoming approach of all learners involved. Students have been able to reflect, refine and recognise their belonging to school by sharing one another’s experiences with the encouragement of the experienced Year 11s and keenness of have-a-go Year 8s one of the many highlights so far:

Chloe Apostolopoulous 8.8

‘it has been a great opportunity...because I feel as though I am able to freely give and take advice and share my opinions’

Sofia Minutolo 8.3

‘it has been very insightful into what it means to be a successful leader. I’ve enjoyed hearing from the Year 11s’

Josh Robinson 8.5

‘everyone is very encouraging and happy to support everyone and make everyone happy and feel supported’

Ollie Thomas 8.2

‘my experience has been very wholesome and kind, it is a much-needed environment to contrast what feels like a harsh and unforgiving social space’

Hannah Fitzpatrick 11B

‘this program has allowed me to build connections with students in Year 8 and be more self-aware as a leader’

Tia Lambas 11D

‘Bentleigh Buddies has been very positive. I’m so glad that the school has finally started such a wonderful program to help student better themselves and support others’

Forde Esparon 11D

‘it’s very good to get to know the other members of the group in Year 8 and 11’

Bayden Hill 11F

‘I believe that developing skills from the younger year levels will help create an environment in school that people want to be in. It’s nice to be able to teach people what I now learnt’


Thank you for the ongoing support from across the school – students, parents/guardians, teachers and staff – to allow for this program to take place. We look forward to continuing the program in Term 3 with further learnings from workshops, peer-led activities and discussions to be shared by students.

Thank you heaps,

Jenny & George