2019 Spellathon winners


Well what a great event. The library was buzzing like bees. Congratulations to all students. Drum roll!


Year 7

Junior School Champions

Winning Word

1st Jordan Ireson 7.4

1st Ori Drabkin 7.4              

-          Deteriorating

2nd Angus Rule 7.4

2nd Ramjot Singh 8.4          

-          Septuplets

3rd Ori Drabkin 7.4

3rd Michael Iurovetski 9.2  

-          Mortar

Year 8.



1st Noah Pappas 8.4

Senior School Champions


2nd Ramjot Singh 8.4

1st Hannah Fitzpatrick Yr11

-          Ancillary

3rd Catriona Sharpe 8.4

2nd Jacob Lardner Yr 12

-          Polychrome

Year 9.

3rd Joseph Sadler Yr 10

-          Detachment

1st Michael Iurovetski 9.2



2nd Eden Rossinsky 9.9



3rd Pimm Zyntek 9.1



Year 10.



1st Joeseph Sadler 10F



2nd Felix Robinson Croft 10G



3rd Madden Griffin 10D



Year 11



1st   Hannah Fitzpatrick 11B



2nd Rhys Patuwairua 11C



3rd Matthew Crosby 11C



Year 12



1st Jacob Lardner 12E



2nd Stephan Karatselios 12B



3rd Rania Pappas 12D




The 10th Spellathon was simply marvellous and enthusiasm was overflowing. The audience was appropriately appreciative and boisterous with their cheering. Thank you to participants who rose to the challenge with bravo.

Thanks to Marc Koenig (Professor Thesaurus), Christine Rowe (Professor Rowesaurus) and Denise Yannios for their excellent presentation of the words; Robyn Zienow for setting up the library and her diligence in packaging all the kits for the spelling bee; and Deb Muller for checking spelling and monitoring students. Please contribute to this humanitarian cause and also encourage students to bring in their gold coin donations and hand in at the general office. Tax receipts will be provided for staff for their donations $5.00 and more.

Once again our gratitude to all for your wonderful effort in making the 10th Spellathon a resounding success.

The Spellathon Team

Intha Chetty, Marc Koenig, Christine Rowe, Deb Muller, Denise Yannios and Robyn Zienow