Solar Car Challenge

I first heard about the Solar Car Challenge in Term 3 from my teacher Mr Sadleir and that a few people were participating. A little later, my science teacher Mr Cohen asked if I was willing to join the STEAM club to make the car with a team. Interested in the challenge, I quickly agreed and asked two of my friends, Liza and Amelia, who I knew would be interested to join me. We worked on the project after and before school. Right on the very first day, Liza and Amelia were very productive and had completed making the body of the car. In the sessions that followed, I continued to build the car bit by bit. The other teams here at Bentleigh included 2 groups of Year 8 boys, Tobias and Greg, and Noah, Luke and Hayden. They always seemed to be going quite well with their cars. Having absolutely no experience in even minor engineering it was quite a challenge. Many mistakes were made and I needed a little help from the boys, but I did learn a lot. Time started running out, and I started coming a lot more frequently. I managed to make a proper fully-functioning car and I felt pretty happy with my accomplishment. On Sunday, we went to Scienceworks for the competition. On that day it that ended up being very cloudy for a solar powered car event. The cars still ran around the track at a decent speed, so that was a relief. It turned out to be a great fun day, and I (my car) won 1 round and drew on another. I also got to go to the museum and planetarium. It was overall a great learning experience and I would definitely encourage others to participate.


Sreyoshi DUTTA – Year 9.3 Student