Year 7 Transition Incursion

Due to the constantly changing social climate in 2021 the Year 7 Transition Camp looked a little different this year. Over a three-day period, the Year 7’s participated in a multifaceted incursion that focused on them getting to know their peers and teachers.

On day one the Year 7’s were introduced to the fantastic Education Enterprise Team who helped facilitate the incursion. The Year 7’s were split into groups and participated in three high energy challenges that were both mentally and physically challenging.
These challenges were the creation of a spaghetti and marshmallow tower, the ultimate domino construction and an outdoors obstacle course designed for their teachers or year 10 peer support students to get through blindfolded. The students came up with some outstanding structures for all three challenges.

Day two of the incursion focused on the Year 7’s working in their teams to create a podcast and a short trailer selling their podcast. The students dispersed around the school looking for senior students to interview and ideal locations to film. The prompt for the podcast was ‘what does high school mean to you?’. Some groups focused on the school sports programs while other focused on building relationships and friendships. All groups came up with very interesting concepts.

The last day of the incursion was dedicated to finalising their podcast and podcast trailer and then the final presentation.
At the end of the day the Year 7’s congregated in the Performing Arts Centre to watch the trailer for each groups podcast. Each group then voted for their favourite trailer. The plan was to listen to the four podcasts who received the highest votes, however we ran out of time.

We’ll listen to the four podcasts who received the highest votes on Tuesday in our assembly. The students will vote and the group who created the best podcast will receive their prize.

The Year 7’s did a terrific job and showed such great initiative in all aspects of the three-day incursion. They should all be very proud of their efforts.