Meet Mr Davis

Mr Wayne Davis
Head of Wellbeing and Positive Education

Mr Wayne Davis
Head of Wellbeing and Positive Education
Me in a snapshot:
•         Completed Bachelor of Commerce (with Merit).
•         Completed Graduates Diploma of Education
•         Completed Graduates Diploma of Student Welfare 
•         Commenced teaching at Fawkner High School
•         Leading Teacher at King’s Park Secondary College
•         Assistant Principal at Albert Park Secondary College
•         Head of Wellbeing at Bentleigh Secondary College
I have worked for the Victorian Department of Education and Training for 44 years, during that time my passion is, and has always been, to see the learning and emotional growth of all students as they move through their secondary school years.
Over my long carer years, I have seen educational philosophies and Department of Education policies change, along with the plethora of educational academics offering their ‘wisdom’ and data driven advice. All well intended. All with merit. My answer is simple. Children need to be nurtured, loved and supported with structure.