Meet Mr Karydis

John Karydis, Head of Year 10

• Bachelor of Science
• Diploma of Education
• Advance Certificate of Horticulture
• Mt. Waverley Secondary College
• Box Hill Senior Secondary College; Science and Mathematics
• Balwyn Secondary College; Science, Mathematics & Chemistry
• The organising and Planting of the Wollemi Pine (Wollemia nobilis) at Bentleigh Secondary College on 10th September 2010 was instigated by myself. This Pine is the most recent, significant botanical discovery in human history. Prior to 1994 this species was thought to be extinct, existing only in the fossil record. It was discovered by David Noble, a NSW Park Ranger in September, 1994. We now have one growing strong in our College Courtyard a reminder of our commitment towards a sustainable future. (As per image).

• A committed member of the Lighthouse Foundation (Clayton House). This charitable organisation aims to provide homes and therapeutic care programs to children who have been impacted by long-term neglect, abuse and homelessness.

• A committed member of Rosie’s Oblate Youth Mission. Since its inception, Mazenod College has taken over the organisation and running of Rosie’s events. Students of the College together with mentors meet on Wednesday and Friday evenings, in Flinders street offering beverages and light snacks to all people. This youth mission, with the ‘Friends on the Street’ pursuit lends an open ear to people of all walks of life.

• Qualified Arborist who takes an interest in the aesthetic beauty of trees and their associated ecosystems. I have been responsible for implementing learning programs that stimulate student interests of the natural world. These include nature walks, measuring abiotic factors within wetland ecosystems and the construction of dichotomous keys enabling students to identify plant species based on physical features.

• I take an active role in extracurricular activities organised by the College and support all students in their endeavours.

Mt Educational Philosophy is to foster an inclusive and harmonious learning environment encouraging all children to develop their unique social, personal, emotional and physical states. I aim to make a difference to the lives of all students by providing them with the skills they require to become resilient, purposeful and integral members of our community. I am an avid listener, who is skilled at communicating all manner of information to people, regardless of their age.

My professional goal is to contribute my knowledge and skills within an educational facility that is caring and passionate about its staff and students, and demonstrates professional empathy to all of its people.