National Science Week

Hello Bentleigh,

Do you know what this week is? It’s NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK! 

BSC Science Week Site – CLICK HERE!

With yet another Science Week in lockdown, the equivalent of a birthday in lockdown for two Science nerds like Carrie and I, we knew we had to do something to celebrate. The two of us put our minds together to pivot our plans online, and hopefully we’ve put together the best possible alternative we could 😊

Science week isn’t just for Science teachers, we can all get involved, and we’d love your help! Here is how you can help engage all our students in Science during the week, and even participate yourself!

BSC Science Week SiteCLICK HERE!

Your one-stop-shop for all things Science week at BSC! Here, you will find further information about the competitions explained below and At Home Science videos, as well as the following:

  • Our Welcome to National Science Week Video – watch Carrie and I stumble our way through a welcome video and talk through the events of the week
  • Our favourite live steams – maybe as you’re waiting for your students to jump on a Teams call, you can pick one, share your screen, and watch some cute penguins, or bears catching salmon in a steam
  • Events around Australia – our favourite online events happening around Australia this week

 Science at Home Videos

  • Jump onto the website to find some of our favourite Science at Home Practicals and instructions for them
  • Follow along as Carrie and I talk you through Sherbet Making, Strawberry DNA Extraction, Cabbage Chemistry and Edible Water Bottles (these are some super cringey videos, but hopefully some fun!)


Battle of the Classes – Science Trivia Competition

  • 7-10 Classes will compete in Science class
  • VCE Students can compete during P4 Wednesday assembly time. This will be hosted by Mariah Visser (our wonderful STEAM Captain), Carrie and myself. You are also more than welcome to join! I’ll share the Webex link on our Staff Teams page on the day so you compete against our VCE kids.

Photography Competition

  • Three categories: General Science, Food (this year’s theme), and Pet’s doing Science
  • More information on the website, with the link to upload photos, along with pictures of Carrie’s dog, Astro, ‘doing’ Science

Microscope Challenge

  • 24 images of food up close, let’s see who can get the most correct! More information and the link to the challenge can be found on the website
  • Teachers are also more than welcome to enter!

Too long, didn’t read? Here are the key points:

  • Please help us plug Science week, share the website link in homegroup, share a live stream
  • Encourage students to participate in the photo comp and microscope challenge
  • Participate yourself! Submit a photo, have a go at the microscope comp, or do some Science at home with your own kids
  • Science teachers à You’ll get some more info in a separate email

Have a great Science week and please let us know if you have any questions.


Carrie and Josie