Meet Ms Gardner

First Aid Co-Ordinator/Admin Support. OHS ES Representative

  • VQA Course in Education     Integration Support 1 Advanced 2 & 3
  • First started working in private enterprise doing general and medical office duties, which included a Newspaper/Television Enterprise, Plastic Surgeon and Electrical/Telecommunication.
  • Have 3 children. Born and raised in Melbourne, moved to Tasmania and then onto Queensland. Back in Melbourne and not going anywhere.
  • Was involved in our own Business during my marriage.
  • Started in the Primary sector of Education in 1995 while living in Queensland.
  • Came back to Melbourne and started at Bentleigh Secondary College in 2001. I have been involved in scribing for all year level students with disabilities, in class assistance, data input for careers and year 10 work experience, Library, attendance and now First Aid Co-ordinator.
  • Barrack for St.Kilda, therefore a diehard supporter.

I enjoy the interaction with the students on a daily basis over all my above areas of work. I have also enjoyed the school based activities, especially the year 9 City Search Experience. This showed the students the wonderful inner city activities and highlights, as well as navigating the rail system.

Also co-ordinating social events for staff to show off our local area. Encouraging them to come on our TAFE evenings (this is relevant to our Food Technology students going through the TAFE system) Trying to get into the St.Kilda Football Club for a meal and practice session. (Covid has slowed this down, but watch this space)

On a personal level I have enjoyed travelling and especially rail journeys across some of the world’s most magnificent terrain and striking scenery, especially Australia and our outback rail journeys.

Reading, gardening, walking and a dabble in golfing are my favourite pastimes. Theatre/cinema and fine dining now is on the top of my weekend to do list.