Meet Mrs Cumming

Natalie Cumming, Learning Specialist – EQ Leader and Engagement Specialist

  • Bachelor of Education at Victoria College: Rusden, majoring in Mathematics, Food Technology and Textiles
  • Graduate Diploma in Adolescent Health and Welfare at Melbourne University
  • Graduated University just as Jeff Kennett made all the cuts to education back in the early 1990’s. As teaching work wasn’t available I worked as a Sales Representative for an Educational Book Supplier before heading over to the UK and Europe on a working holiday.
  • I am married with 2 sons who are now young adults and beginning their own lives and career paths.
  • I enjoy working in my garden and growing my own vegetables. I also enjoy creating with indoor plants – making terrariums and using succulents and air plants to create interesting pots.
  • I enjoy the outdoors and camping

I have always wanted to be a teacher however, prior to completing Year 12 my sights were set on being a Kindergarten Teacher. It wasn’t until I was in Year 12 (back in the mid 80’s) where I found myself as the only female in the Physics class with a teacher who didn’t believe I should be there because of my gender. This attitude was like a red rag to a bull for me and made me even more determined to succeed in Physics. I have my Yr12 Physics teacher to thank for my change in career path as I became determined to teach secondary students so I could make a positive difference to young people’s lives and help to ensure equal opportunities for all students.

I am a big advocate for public school education. My Philosophy of teaching begins with all students having access to quality education and quality teachers where students are at the forefront of the teaching focus. Education must allow students to develop mentally, physically, socially and emotionally and therefore must provide depth and a broad range of opportunities for this to happen in a safe and supportive environment.