Meet Ms Gemmola

Rebecca Gemmola - Learning Specialist – Head of Instructional Practice
Teacher of English, Drama & Learning Journey

I completed my Bachelor or Secondary Education, and my Bachelor of Arts – majoring in Drama and English, at Deakin University.

I began teaching at Bentleigh Secondary College in 2011 – my first teaching job upon finishing university. I love the community atmosphere here so much that even despite a few stints in other schools around the state and the world I keep coming back!

My teaching philosophy promotes and fosters connectedness and rapport with students and their school community – I often cite to anyone who’ll listen that helping shape wonderful well-rounded human beings is my goal in life. In line with this, I took an opportunity in 2017 to work at Gnurad Gundidj School for Student Leadership to work with Year 9 students from around the state at a residential school where students work on their intrapersonal, social, and emotional growth and build their collaboration, communication, and leadership skills. The self-reflection and growth mindset development I experienced there was life changing and I have enjoyed bringing some of those ideas back to our own Learning Journey classes here.

In 2019-2020 I moved to London to work at a University Technical College in Westminster (I could see Buckingham Palace from the balcony!) where I was the Head of English for the GCSE levels. This was another wonderful experience where I got to work in a STEM focused school that combined both traditional academic and more vocational subjects to produce the new generation of architects and railway engineers. The difference in schooling and educational philosophies in the UK and Australia helped me hone my teaching practice and allowed me to reflect on what really matters in the classroom and how to maximise student engagement to help them be the best they can be!

After all my worldly travels I found myself back home where I began - with my partner and our dog, playing board games and exploring the wonderful beaches and cafes we have at our doorstep in the Bentleigh and Bayside suburbs.