Navy electronic technician

Three of Year 11 Physics students; Nick Bird, Ryan Golan, Evan Harrak, accompanied by Mert Cetli (Year 11 Physics teacher) were invited to a the HMAS Cerberus to experience what it would be like to work on a Navy base as a Navy electronic technician.

The first day we were provided dinner at a nice restaurant and met the navy officers that would be our tour guides for the next day. It was nice meet and greet opportunity in a casual relaxed environment.

The next morning, we started off with observing the flag ceremony at 8am then moved on to learning about how the torpedos were serviced on Navy ships. Nick was given the chance to fire a blank dummy torpedo which he greatly enjoyed. Afterwards, we spent some time working with some electronics circuit boards and configured equipment that detected sonar for navigation, heat sensors and gyroscopes systems that help keep the ship balanced.

We moved onto the weapons training simulation area where the navy officers improve their marksmanship skills. There were no live ammunitions used and the area was basically a very highly advanced arcade game with many sensors and detectors on the weapons to help the army officers analyse and improve their shots.

Afterwards, students ship safety training where they learnt how to build barricades in case there was a leak in a submarine. Students were given the fire safety equipment wore all the relevant equipment. They were given a training on to use a fire extinguisher and put out some small fires.

We were then provided a nice BBQ lunch and were dropped off back to school.  It was a great experience and students really enjoyed their time and had a lot of fun.