World Teachers Day

Congratulations to the amazing educators at Bentleigh Secondary College and all teachers on this 2023 World Teachers’ Day.  
Today matters because the importance of the work of teachers has never been more apparent.

It is  our teachers who are going above and beyond supporting those VCE students undertaking their final exams and navigating the end of their school days and their entry into the world beyond school.

It is our teachers who ensure students have the literacy, numeracy and digital skills they will need to be participatory citizens, teachers who enable students with disability to be fully included in all that schools offer and teachers that provide the opportunity for students to pursue their interests in dance, drama, music, art, sport, debating and so much else.

Teachers both provide the opportunity for students to win medals in international science competitions and arrange for a uniform from State Schools’ Relief to be provided.

They support a student to rehearse over and over again before a concert at the Arts Centre and provide a listening ear for a student who has no one else to turn to.

On behalf of our students, families and community we are all grateful for their efforts, this is a huge thank you to every teacher in our school for the important work you do, every day.

Teaching matters