Japan - Land of the Rising Sun Tour

Bentleigh Secondary College has a long tradition of connection with Japan which includes a sister school in Osaka. The tour was designed to provide students with an invaluable experience of both language and culture to promote intercultural understanding, provide unique opportunities to use language, and allow Bentleigh SC students to connect with our sister school.

The days of sightseeing in Japan were incredible! From the serene beauty of the temples to the vibrant energy of the city streets, Japan offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity. Every corner holds a new adventure and a magical experience.

The students' visit to our Sister School in Japan was a truly enriching experience.  It's wonderful to see students engaging in academic and cultural exchanges, building new friendships, and creating lasting memories. Such opportunities are invaluable in broadening their horizons and fostering a deeper understanding of different cultures.

Our students also had a fantastic day at Nara Park! Visiting the historic temples and interacting with the friendly deer was an unforgettable experience.

  • Nara Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Historic Temples
  • Feeding the Friendly Deer
  • Cultural Exploration and Unforgettable Moments

This blend of history, culture, and nature makes for a truly enriching experience. The students will cherish these memories for a long time!