Careers & Pathways

At Bentleigh Secondary College, the Careers and Pathways program is a vital component of our curriculum. Our aim is to stay attuned to the ever changing demands in the world of work and as it evolves so does our program focus. We endeavour to instil a sense of ownership and self motivation as students learn how to effectively become self managers of their own future career and pathway.

Our Careers Program entails a specific focus on ensuring that students are well equipped and counselled in their future pathway. We help provide students with Career and Employment information as well as offering students to attend further education tours/experiences. Year 10 students have the opportunity to complete a work experience program (Covid permitting).

All VCE students are interviewed during first semester to establish their Managed Individual Pathway plan with regard to further education and training options beyond Year 12. Students are encouraged to explore course options and attend open days at university and TAFE and also to consider pre-requisites, extra requirements and job outcomes. A career newsletter is emailed to all senior school students throughout the year to keep them informed about new courses, open days and VTAC requirements.

Year 10 students experience a range of career orientated activities to assist them in their future transitions. These activities include guest speakers, seminars, work experience and industry specific excursions. Learning Leadership is a key part of the Careers Program where students are encouraged to investigate various careers, update their resume, learn interview skills and develop a Career Action Plan. Students become better informed about education pathways and work related decisions, also developing their self-awareness and self-confidence.

Students at all year levels are encouraged to make an appointment for career counselling and parents are also welcome to book an appointment with or without their son/daughter.

Career development is about learning lifelong skills that require self-awareness, investigation, exploration and planning and at Bentleigh Secondary College we do our best to equip students with these fundamental life skills.


We have a dedicated Bentleigh Secondary College Careers website with more information.


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