Year 7


Middle School Handbook 2022
Year 6 into Year 7 Transition 

Our Year 7 Transition Program considers the challenges for students moving from Year 6, being the biggest kids to Year 7 and becoming the smallest students again. WE focus on their wellbeing and run numerous activities to build friendships. Home Group and Core Subjects are run in the same room and we limit the number of teachers where possible. This allows more opportunities for staff and students to develop better working relationships. We have a newly built Year 7 only play area with amenities and a designated Year 7 locker area with their Year 10 Peer Support Buddies. Our fantastic Peer Support Leaders work with the Year 7s for all of Semester One.

Bentleigh Secondary College Year 7 students study core subjects of English, Maths, Humanities, Science, Physical Education/Health, LOTE and sport. Electives are offered in Art, Information Technology, Food, Textiles, Wood Technologies, Music and Drama.


The elective system is scaffolded to ensure middle school students experience all options before specialising in their subject selections.


College Tours


Tours are run regularly during the day by the Principal and Principal class team where you can visit classes, ask questions and speak to students and teachers. The tours run for approximately 2 hours. You will be able to see our state of the art facilities and more importantly see learning taking place and hear about the programs we offer to assist students growth in learning.


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Year 7 Enrolments Throughout The Year:


Parents/Guardians seeking enrolment at Bentleigh Secondary College, throughout the school year, should complete and submit the form below and provide the documents listed, to the Enrolments and Transitions Officer via email at: for consideration of an interview.


Year 7 Enrolment Application for an Interview


Support Documents required for an Enrolment Application for an Interview

  • Provide your child’s most recent Semester School Report
  • Provide a copy of your child’s NAPLAN results
  • Provide a copy of your child’s Birth Certificate or Passport
  • Provide a copy of your child’s VISA (if born overseas)


Out of Zone Applications - due by Friday 20 May, 2022.

Process and Enrolment Guidelines for completing Out of Zone Applications


For new enrolments coming into Year 7, we anticipate that we will have sufficient capacity to be able to take students from outside of our zone following the department’s placement policy.

However, families who reside in areas no longer considered inside of the zone, will need to ensure that they complete an Out of Zone application to support a Year 7 enrolment application.


Out of Zone Application for Enrolment (Year 7 2023)


Please complete your Out of Zone Application form and return it to (Year 7, 2023) by Friday 20 May, 2022.

Ensure that Bentleigh Secondary College is indicated as your No.1 preference when you complete the
Education Department’s Application form for Year 7 Placement 2023, Section 4B - Secondary School Preference.


Order for Priority Enrolments

  1. Students for whom Bentleigh Secondary College is the designated neighbourhood school.
  2. Students who reside permanently at the same address as a brother or sister currently attending the Bentleigh Secondary College.
  3. Students seeking enrolment on specific curriculum grounds*.
  4. In a limited number of cases, a student may be enrolled on compassionate grounds, where there are significant family or individual circumstances. Wherever possible, the College will attempt to enrol students from main feeder primary schools who reside outside of zone provided that there are spaces available.
  5. Any additional spaces available will filled with students who are the next closest to our school zone.

 *Specific Curriculum Grounds Claims

Parents/guardians who live outside the neighbourhood area may be considered for enrolment on the following curriculum grounds:

  1. The student has a desire to participate in Gifted and Talent (GaT) Program, Sports Academy Program or Drama Program.
  2. The student has been studying either French or Japanese at primary school, their child’s neighbourhood school does not offer these languages as part of the curriculum and the child is interested in pursuing these studies to a senior level.
  3. The student has a desire to participate in the Instrumental Music Program and has a proven interest in that area of the curriculum.
  4. The parent/guardian is able to demonstrate clear curriculum continuity links between their child’s primary school and the college.
  5. The parent/guardian is able to demonstrate that the college provides a specific curriculum focus that is not available at other secondary colleges.

Additional information may be sought to support an application for enrolment on curriculum grounds. It is essential that all communication between the college and parents is in writing and processed according to the above guidelines.


*A guardian is defined as one who has been legally appointed to take responsibility for the person making the application for enrolment. 



Year 7 Camp:


The Year 7 transition camp is held early in Term 1. The camp is held at Marysville, and is an excellent opportunity for students and staff to get to know each other, build positive relationships and understand the importance of everyone working co-operatively.

Year 7 Peer Support:

The Peer Support program involves Year 10 leaders working with groups of Year 7 students to assist them with their transition to secondary college. Year 10 students lead activities that promote connectedness and foster the building of positive relationships between Year 7 students. In addition to these benefits, the program also allows Year 7 students to connect with Senior School students.

Year 7 Mindfulness Meditation: 

As part of the college’s focus on Mindfulness Meditation, all Year 7 students participate in a program that introduces them to the practice. The Meditation and Indigenous Cultural Centre, located within the college grounds, provides the perfect environment for Year 7 students to engage in meditation, and learn how to improve their focus and better manage their emotions.

Year 7 Home Group Support:

All students at Bentleigh Secondary College begin their school day by meeting in their home group. Each class has their own home group teacher, who works closely with them to support their academic progress and wellbeing. All Year 7 classes are allocated a home group teacher who also teaches them for at least one other class.