How do I stay in the right frame of mind to learn effectively?

A routine is essential (so get up at the same time each day, change into clothes suitable for going out, have meals at the same times each day). Build exercise into each day. Get plenty of sleep.

I’m finding it hard to concentrate with some of the longer tasks. What can I do?

Try breaking the task up into smaller chunks. Make a plan of action and when you finish one part, take a break. Do the more creative parts earlier when you are feeling fresh. The more routine, processing parts, can be done a bit later in the day. At the end of the task, take the time to read through and check to see that everything fits well and answers the question that was asked.

What do I do when I get stuck?

It can be harder to quickly catch up with your teacher, so when you do, you need to cover all the problems you have had. Make a list!  When you get to something you don’t understand, think about it for a few minutes, try and find an answer online or in your textbook. If those don’t help, add the item to your list and move on to some other question. Then, when you contact your teacher, share the whole list of problems and you’ll be able to sort things out quite quickly.

How will I be assessed on my learning?

There will be wide variety of tasks used by your teachers to find out what you have learnt. Some of the normal tools won’t be as applicable online and so it is more important than ever that you let your teacher know if there are things you don’t understand.

When you have a quiz or worksheet to do, take the task seriously as these will be used to determine the pace and sequence of the course.