Online Learning

student on laptop
Preparing for Online Learning

Here are some steps students can take to ensure they are ready for Online Learning. This section will also assist in how the communication will be provided and the learning tasks received and submitted. 

Building Good Habits for Online Learning

These are unprecedented times for us all and working from home is not a normal. We are all creatures of habit. This automation of normal, routine tasks allows us to focus our attention on the irregular or surprising happenings around us. The routine also helps us set the mood and disposition for the day. When things become non-routine, we need to spend more energy on managing the situation, which stops us learning effectively.


Student Reflections on Online Learning

Our School Captains and Deputy Captains share their personal experiences and views on the change to online learning. Positive messages delivered beautifully. 

ICT Acceptable Use Policy


Now that we will be learning online, it is worthwhile reflecting upon our ICT Acceptable Use Policy. It is important to consider the appropriate actions and behaviours when collaborating with others online.

Protocols for Device Concerns 

During the time that we are offering Online Learning, the internet, personal devices and software will play a vital part in being able to participate.

Online Resources


Microsoft Teams Guide to help you navigate online team lessons by teacher.