Ms Egan and Ms Lindsay’s top Performing Arts recommendations

  • The National Theatre in London are streaming one of their brilliant shows each week. The show's only stay up for that week so it's worth regularly checking back to see what's next. Their production of Jane Eyre a couple of weeks ago was incredible so I'd thoroughly recommend sitting down with the family and enjoying some Theatre:

  • For a subscription based service and also offering brilliant and innovative and beautiful theatre, there's They offer Shakespeare and physical theatre from Frantic Assembly and everything in between.

  • If you're looking for some real traditional theatre, The Shakespeare Globe is currently streaming Romeo & Juliet in the actual Globe Theatre. I'm not sure how long this will be around for...



  • Now, this last one is based on a British show called Task Master but this one is Home Tasking and they set you challenges each week. You can get involved and actually submit videos or you could just make some for fun with your family or maybe you just want to watch something absurd. Hometask #4 Camouflage yourself, then reveal yourself and Hometask #5 Create an epic sporting moment in your kitchen are probably my two favourites. 🙂 Here's the playlist with all of them so far