All students require a digital learning device to undertake their education whilst at Bentleigh Secondary College.


Students are required to bring a suitable device on their first day of attendance. Students will be instructed on how to connect to the school Wi-Fi within their first few weeks of attendance.


Selecting your BYOD technology


Technical Specifications: These specifications are recommended so a device will last for at least 3 years which is the general ‘lifecycle’ of a device.


Recommended Specifications:


Minimum Specifications:


Windows 10


Windows 10


 Intel Core i5 (8th generation or higher) or AMD Ryzen 5 (3rd generation or higher)


Intel Core i3 (6th generation or higher) or AMD Ryzen 3






8 or 16GB of RAM


8GB of RAM


13.3” Touch Screen Display


12” Display (maximum 15”)


Maximum weight 2kg


Maximum weight 2.5kg


Video conferencing capabilities (Microphone/Camera)


Video conferencing capabilities (Microphone/Camera)


12+ hour battery life


10+ hour battery life



Purchasing Option


Learning with Technologies (LWT) BYOD Portal


Bentleigh Secondary College has worked closely with Learning with Technologies (LWT) in developing a BYOD purchasing portal to support our families when purchasing their devices.

Offered on the portal are two devices to support your child’s education at secondary college, with the option of purchasing Insurance and Warranty, taking advantage of education discounts.





At least 3 years of warranty is recommended with your device to cover the ’lifecycle‘ of the device.

Consumer rights and warranties and extended warranties offered by retailers should be checked carefully.  Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has information and advice on their website at: https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/consumer-rights-guarantees/warranties


Insurance and Repairs


A minimum of 3 years of insurance is recommended when purchasing a device. 

Bentleigh Secondary College does not have insurance that covers loss or damage to personal items including BYOD.  


If your BYOD is lost, damaged or not functioning it is the family’s responsibility for the replacement or repair.


Bentleigh Secondary College does not provide devices for borrowing.


ICT Acceptable Use Policy


Now that we will be learning online, it is worthwhile reflecting upon our ICT Acceptable Use Policy. It is important to consider the appropriate actions and behaviours when collaborating with others online.

Protocols for Device Concerns 


During the time that we are offering Online Learning, the internet, personal devices and software will play a vital part in being able to participate.

Online Resources



ICT Help Desk

ICT Help Desk
For ICT support email: helpdesk@bentleighsc.vic.edu.au