School Council


Bentleigh Secondary College has an active School Council who assists in the decision making and running of the school. The council consists of the Principal, Teaching Staff, Parents, Community Members and Students.


Executive Officer

Helene Hiotis - College Principal

Andrew Clarke - President        

Anna Georgakas - Vice President                  

Mary Lambas - Treasurer  


Parent Representatives        

Andrew Clarke

Anna Georgakas

Mary Lambas

Carla Magid

Anthony Sutton

Jodi Yates


Community Members

Georgia Georgiadis - Deputy Captain

Jake Murphy - School Captain

Zoe Robinson - School Captain

Nathan Sepe - Deputy Captain 


Student Representatives     

Anja De Klerk

Holly Pirret


DET Employee Members     

Carrie Bloomfield

Helene Hiotis (Executive Officer)

Arun Karunaratne

Marc Koenig

Josie Phillips



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