Learning Onsite

Our academic culture


A school’s academic culture is based on values, attitudes, norms, behaviours and traditions that are etched into the everyday operation of the school.  The school’s values aim to give purpose, a sense of belonging to all students within the school and allow our students to achieve individual and collective success.


Bentleigh Secondary College generates a strong academic culture by:

  •               focusing on exemplary teaching and learning
  •               developing high quality teacher practice challenging and extending all students
  •               every teacher, student and parent, living the school values
  •               maintaining a positive belief that ALL students can learn given the appropriate time and support
  •               creating strong leadership that continually looks for improvement in the achievements of students and staff
  •       maintaining a physical environment that symbolises success and pride
  •       celebrating success.


What is an effective teacher?


At Bentleigh Secondary College an ‘effective teacher’ is able to demonstrate:


  •               knowledge of how students learn,
  •               knowledge of pedagogy and curriculum,
  •               a passion for life-long learning,
  •               the ability to engage all students in their learning, including those with special needs,
  •               links between the curriculum and future pathways,
  •               links between eCurriculum and future Pathways,
  •               high aspirations,
  •               positive classroom and student management skills,
  •               reflection and seeks feedback,
  •               the ability to build positive relationships,
  •               engagement in professional learning,
  •               professional behaviour at all times and a willingness to listen,
  •       provides timely feedback to students,
  •       celebration of success.


What is an effective student/learner?


An effective learner demonstrates the values of the school.  An effective learner actively seeks positive change and personal growth to the best of his/her ability. An effective learner:

  •               perseveres,
  •               values education,
  •               takes risks with learning and try something new,
  •               works with the teacher,
  •               is inquisitive,
  •               uses a range of strategies in their learning,
  •               relishes opportunities to learn,
  •               is prepared to learn,
  •               seeks and expect constructive and formative feedback,
  •               can work independently and as part of a team,
  •               completes work including homework,
  •               has aspirations for their future.

Learning Onsite