Camp Bogong
On the third week of Term four, the two Advance classes went to Mount Bogong. It was a really amazing experience connecting with nature and other people. I made heaps of new friends along this trip. My favourite moment/experience which I highly recommend was the five day hike. All my friends and I had so many great moments. Back at the Bogong Outdoor School there was so many things to do, such as Pool, Table Tennis, Volley Ball and many more scheduled activities such as Rock Climbing and Abseiling. It was an absolute blast and I would do it all again.


Hudson Kuhnell
In the third week of Term four, the two Advance classes and a couple of pretty cool teachers jumped on a bus to go to Bogong Outdoor School. This was a really great experience and I would definitely recommend all students to do the camp. My favourite part of the experience was without a doubt the five day hike. Getting to know the teachers on a different label and witnessing the amazing views was unreal. We all made so many memories that we will never forget, and gained lifelong skills.


Grace Templeton